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Monday, October 24, 2005

Return to sender.

Apparently over the weekend, Wal-Mart heiress Elizabeth Paige Laurie "voluntarily" returned her college degree back to USC. She is the granddaughter of co-founder Bud Walton. The investigation proved that she had cheated her way through. Her accomplice was her college roommate Elena Martinez. Last year Martinez went on the "20/20" program about the cheating on college campuses. She said that Laurie paid her only 20k to do her homework. Martinez dropped out from USC because she couldn't afford tuition anymore.

Although this is just another news story, I'm surprised that more hasn't been made about it. I thought at least a mention in the editorial sections of the big news sources at least. Some of my questions revolve around if she received academic honors such as Phi Beta Kappa, why aren't they coming forward to revoke her memberships. I hope this story is used by school teachers across the country to show children that it's a lot easier if you just do your homework. It says a lot about USC as well. In some cases Martinez was able to slip into Laurie's classes and take exams for her. I'm appalled that the professors allowed this to happen. Why wasn't this nipped in the bud earlier?

The Laurie family had made huge donation to University of Missouri-Columbia so that the college could build a new basketball stadium. It was to be called the Paige Laurie stadium. After the allegations of her cheating last year, it was decided that the stadium name is now called Mizzou Arena. Sam Walton is an alumnus of Mizzou and apparently he was quite the frugal college student. In his early years as a college student, he lived in a tent by a river nearby because he couldn't afford to live on campus. He managed to join a fraternity and he always remembered his alma mater. I'm sure he and his brother are rolling in their graves over this about now.

Academic dishonesty is more common than people think. I know I witnessed it myself in the first part of my college career. This limerick was something I remember from my freshman year. When in doubt look about, in a bind look behind. When I was a student at college #1, I struck up a conversation with an alumna from college #1 while we were waiting at the gate for our flight to go to Chicago. I asked her if she would give students from the alma mater and edge of over others in an job hiring situation. After I mentioned I wasn't a business major, she said absolutely not. The college #1 business school is churning out so many cheaters who have no clue what they're doing when they hit the work force. She' d rather hire someone with a degree from Arizona State. But college #1 and USC are not the only places where this takes place.

On a happier note yesterday White Sox 7 - Astros 6 and Bears 10 - Ravens 6. If only the Blackhawks and Bulls follow the example for their season.


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